The innovative concept of  the marine EPS (Electric Propulsion System) marine gear box REVERMATIC 11-700 RBD coupled to the electric motor allows you to maximize the maneuverability of the boat and to enhance the performance of the electric motor because, thanks to the reduction ratio of the marine gear , it is possible to size the propeller of the boat to the maximum power delivered by the electric motor, full exploiting the the motor features at 3000 rpm / min.
The reverse is performed by the marine gear REVERMATIC 11-700 RBD, preserving the electrical components from transient current peaks.
In addition, the system allows to be used as an extra drive system on engines of large power, connecting the output of the EPS system to the PTO, commonly called PTI of  the installed marine transmission: also in this case the features and the performances previously mentioned are preserved.
The addition of the DROP BOX DP280 mounted on the output of the EPS system, before to PTI, provides additional gear ratios and thus to optimize the electric motor.
An example:
with an EPS system of 220 kg of contained dimensions  powered at 300 V dc, it is possible to obtain on the PTI a torque of 2750 Nm, a very interesting value for the propulsion of large boats.





The Tier G engine can be purchased as a standalone component, or even better can be purchased with the complete set of accessories (management unit with display, battery, inverter, electric box, pedal, CANbus cables, etc.) making it a plug&play solution to redesign an existing vessel and boat or conceive a new one. Do not hesitate to contact us for further details and a suggestion for your new propulsion system.
In addition to purely electric propulsion, the Tier G integrates the range of Transfluid electric motors used for hybrid solutions, giving the possibility of reaching up to 200kW of electrical power with the installation of two engines on the hybrid modules of the HM series.

Permanent magnet technology. 100 kW (134hp)@3000rpm


– high efficiency = energy saving
– longer battery operation time = more km range
– lower costs
– no vibration + very low noise + zero emissions = environment friendly and pleasant to use
– compact size and high power / weight ratio
– very flexible torque profile: different vehicles may require a different torque curve


Continuous power 100kW (134hp) and peak 130kW (174hp)
Permanent magnet technology: 97% efficiency
Power supply: 384 Vdc battery or 400 Vac network
SAE 4-10 output (SAE J617-620) with SAE B power take-off
Liquid cooling (glycol or water) – Temperature and pressure indicators


Marine main propulsion
Marine auxiliary propulsion



Bellmarine, is a Dutch company brand which has since been the leader of electric propulsion in the Netherlands for several years, and is very well established in the European market. The merge between Transfluid and Bellmarine now enables them to propose electric and hybrid solutions  for propulsion of any kind of marine, inland waters or off-shore application.


Link to Bellmarine website

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