Transfluid trasmissioni industriali



Company Profile

Transfluid was founded in Milan in 1957. From the first day of operation, the company has worked to build what has become a worldwide reputation for excellence in the production of industrial transmissions and related components. Located in Gallarate, just 30 Km north of Milan, the Transfluid plant covers an area of 6000 square meters. It is easily accessed by major travel routes, and is only a few km away from Malpensa International airport.

Transfluid has always been a point of reference in the world of industrial transmission equipments and the rule by which its competitors measure themselves.
Fluid couplings, variable speed drives, brakes, clutches, couplings and hydraulic transmissions constitute the core of the product line, while ultra-modern technology, careful selection of materials and meticulous assembly are the key ingredients in the recipe that has placed those products at the forefront of the market.
Thousands of customers continue to choose Transfluid products for the most diverse and demanding applications, knowing they can rely on Transfluid's technical department, where design, engineering and planning experts are always on hand to help resolve client's problems as rapidly as possible.

Italian dynamism and inventive, coupled with ongoing staff retraining and more than fifty years of hard-earned expertise, are the foundation of the company's success. Transfluid's highly innovative approach has sparked small but important revolutions in the world of heavy-duty transmissions, recognition for which has come in the form of numerous international awards. The catalogue boasts a wide range of products, and every single one of the 30.000 units produced every year has been tested for safety, quality and durability. In 1997, Transfluid was rewarded for its efforts with ISO 9001 certification, recognized by the Lloyd's Register.

Transfluid is a world leader in the design and manufacture of fluid couplings, producing over 10.000 units a year. The company's professionalism has convinced clients such as Esco, Falk, Nexen, Reich and Filton to choose Transfluid to represent their products on the Italian market.Transfluid has also earned a reputation for diligent service, which guarantees the efficiency of applications through careful checks and on-site technical assistance.

In addition to being a protagonist at all the important international trade fairs, Transfluid operates a globe-spanning network consisting of 2 italian agents, 7 Branches and 45 foreign distributors. The continuous Company growth has generated the need to open Transfluid subsidiaries in United States of America, China, France, Russia, Brazil, Australia and Germany preparing the Company to new worldwide challenge.