In 1992 Transfluid started manufacturing the KPT product line, suitable for both electrical and Diesel applications.

Since that distant year, it was clear that the KPTO would have been a winning product for Diesel applications, so the Company invested resources to improve it and enlarged the range up to when the size 27 found the right market, mainly in USA.

Now, in July 2019, we are celebrating the KPTO serial number 10.000, an impressive number confirming the original expectation. You can herewith find the picture taken at Kleemann GmbH in Germany, the successful Company who received the unit, a 19 KPTO.

We had the honor to have Mr. Bernhard Steckel, Strategic Procurement Director at Kleemann, who worked with us to introduce the KPTO as a standard on their Diesel driven jaw, cone and impactor line.

Mr. Steckel confirms it was the right decision to focus on the solution of using 19 and 21 KPTO on the drive line of their crushers; it is very appreciated by their Customers due to performance and reliability of the product.

The principle characteristics are:
– soft start
– disconnecting
– protection from shock and over loads
– no components subject to wear from transmission of power
– simple maintenance reduced to only the minimum
– sturdy and reliable operation

The KPTO sales are increasing, not only in the so called “recycling market”, and therefore we are already excited for serial number 15.000!!!!