BELLMARINE donates an electric motor to the theme of ACCESSIBILITY

Giro d’Italia – Sailing beyond the limits
With Bellmarine electric propulsion system

The initiative of I Timonieri Sbandati of “The tour of the ports and marinas of Tuscany” has finished but another one has begun: “Giro d’Italia – Navigare oltre i limiti”.
On June 2nd, during the Venezia Boat Show, Marco Rossato e Igor Macera left to make the Giro d’Italia on board of “Tornavento” a sloop equipped with a 15kW max power Bellmarine electric motor.
It will be a journey that will end at the Genoa Boat Show and which includes about 26 stages in which it will promote sustainable boating and will sensitize the same ports that host it to equip themselves to accommodate people with reduced mobility.
The skipper Rossato wants to show that even disabled people can enjoy the passion of sailing alone without needing any help. “Tornavento” has been equipped so that any person in a wheelchair can move freely inside and outside the boat.
Transfluid was contacted because the intention of Marco is to demonstrate that electric propulsion is absolutely adoptable in any situation to navigate in total safety and thus be able to enjoy the pleasures that were thought to be linked to an endothermic propulsion.

Brief mention of the electrical system that Transfluid / Bellmarine have donated to this beautiful initiative.
The shaft in-line propulsion system consists of a permanent magnet motor manufactured entirely by Transfluid.
They are compact systems and guaranteed by certifications that make it safe and reliable.
Marco informed us that at the engine speed of 400rpm (1500rpm are the maximum revolutions available for the DriveMaster 15W), “Tornavento” travels at a speed of 3 knots. The system is powered by a 10kWh battery pack with which it is possible to travel about 25 nautical miles but which are easily overcome thanks to the help of the unfurled sails and regeneration through sustainable sources such as sun, wind and water.

100% green.

We are proud to be part of the project that we believe to be of great use.

Come on and good wind!