We are pleased to inform that this week Transfluid headquarters delivered 3 units 46KSL variable speed fluid couplings.  This is the first supply of this size for KSL line, and an important step forward for Transfluid.

The three units will be used as variable speed drives for horizontally split case pumps powered by 1600kW@1000 rpm electric motors in the Voronezskaya project, a power plant in southern Russia.  Transfluid Customer is a Czech company focused on designing, manufacturing and supplies of industrial pumping units.

The project is important not only because of the size of the couplings, but also because for the first time the KSL have been equipped with the new generation of M-PCB-R5  control unit with a software completely designed and dedicated to our KSL variable speed drives. This advanced system features a totally new kit of instruments communicating with the main PCB through CAN BUS, provides all interlock and monitoring functions, local start up and speed control  and opens a totally new range of possible developments in the future.

The couplings have also been equipped with an additional JB complete with the power relays for pumps and all the gear necessary to make the package as complete and independent as possible.

This solution will be adopted as a standard to all KSL range, and sets Transfluid one step ahead of the competitors with a product offering a reliable, outstanding, highly innovative drive at an unbeatable price.