Heavy mobile equipment place many requirements on the main PTO mounted off the engine flywheel and housing mount. Needed are reliable power transmission units that have long operation life, infrequent scheduled maintenance shutdowns, if possible dampening of engine torsional vibration, and can be engaged at various speeds & loads. Also, SAE spline drive hydraulic pump mounts are always needed on heavy mobile equipment.
Pumps are needed to supply hydraulic pressure as well as to supply hydraulic motors which drive such things as feeder conveyors, movable tubs or hoppers, booms, outriggers and driving sprockets. Some engines do have auxiliary PTO mounts, but they provide limited performance because of their low power capacity or simply by the small number of PTO mounts available.

However, out KPTO – MPD18/22 Assemblies provide solutions:
1. They allow smooth & frequent engagements of the main load
(crusher head, grinder head, etc.) at any speed while protecting the engine, working head, & drive train from damage caused by a load jam or lock up.
2. Maintenance shutdown chedules are less frequent than the scheduled maintenance requirements of over-center clutch PTO’s.
3. The transmission of engine Torsional Vibration is greatly reduced.
4. Many more SAE spline drive pump head mounts are provided supplying the ever growing need for more hydraulic pumps.

These benefits give not only better day to day operation with decreased shutdown time, but they also provide greater productivity over the life of the mobile equipment. the most common applications where our KPT-MPD18/22 Assemblies are installed are in stone crushers, metal/wood/wast shredders, agricultural hammer mills, wood chippers, mulchers and stump grinders.
We have recently received an order from a stone crusher manufacturer through our Germany branch. Previously this customer had used hydrostatic transmission models but found them to be inefficient. After some research they decided to try our 21KPTO-MPD18 Assembly. They are using our assembly in a new type of Tracked Mobile Stone crusher powered by a 282 kW 1600 rpm diesel engine with SAE 1 housing and 14” flywheel output. For them this is a new generation of crusher that targets the mobile recycling market. Because of our increased emphasis on renewable/recycling equipment systems, this project slots well into our goals for the future.
The MPD18 portion of this assembly is built with two SAE splined pump heads mounted in the “Mickey Mouse Ear” position with one pump head mounted on a head extension as can be seen in the attached rendering. This extension is required because of the large size of the pump mounted at this location which, without this extension, the pump would interfere with the 21KPTO housing. The mobile crusher’s driving tracks are powered by a hydraulic motor supplied by this larger pump. The head on the other side of the MPD18 receives our optional shaft output PTO. The pulley mounted on this PTO’s shaft drives a generator which produces auxiliary power that is used throughout the mobile crusher.

We are now working with an Australian distributor for an application where our KPTO-MPD assembly will be used in a Tracked Mulcher.