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10.000 KPTO Fluid Coupling

In 1992 Transfluid started manufacturing the KPT product line, suitable for both electrical and Diesel applications. Since that distant year, it was clear that the

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Electric cargo boat for Venice

Cargo31 launched in Venice, electric boat that in autonomy covers a working day: 8 hours. Ideal for the large transport fleet to Venice. Le dimensioni

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Green Lido Award

On June 19, Transfluid received the Green Lido Award, assigned to the project that best interprets the themes of eco-sustainable nautical mobility. The Cup was

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MPD 14 (Multiple Pump Drive) for marine engines The above-mentioned Splitter Box is now ready to be easily installed on all marine engines thanks to

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The ecological way to sail

NEWS FROM MARITIME JOURNAL When it comes to hybrids, Ugo Pavesi doesn’t want anyone to think that Transfluid does something “special”.  Rather the reverse. He

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Opening New Branch in Germany

Transfluid recently opened the new branch office in Germany, expanding its strategic presence in international territory. With 5 branches all over the world (China, France,

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