Transfluid offers a wide range of accessories for the various industrial and marine transmissions featured in our catalog: from the Oil Power Pack hydraulic control unit for HF clutches to the Air Power Pack pneumatic control unit for HFR clutches, to MPCB-R5, the controller and display developed according to SAE J1939 protocol for monitoring all Transfluid-branded products.

Oil Power Pack

Complete oil power supply, up to 35 bar (500 PSI), to HF clutches and Hybrid Transmissions. Includes: oil flow valve, pressure valve, proportional valve, pressure switch, oil reservoir. DC [...]

Air Power Pack

Complete air power supply, up to 14 bar (200 PSI), to HFR clutches and Hybrid Transmissions. Includes air filter, valves, pressure switch, air reservoir. DC Voltage electric motor, low noise long [...]

MPCB Controller e Display

The ultimate Transfluid’s products controller. The best from today’s technology. SAE J1939 protocol and CAN BUS 2.0B data link. Dedicated software for each application. Can be used [...]