This section will explore the different combinations of Transfluid products designed for optimal performance in the most diverse industrial applications. The MPD + KPTO assembly is the multiple coupler with a power take-off that combines the versatility of the first with the most gradual power take-off on the market and allows the simultaneous management of up to eight pumps. The solution consisting of MPD + Rangermatic or Revermatic is the transmission with multiple coupler that controls up to four pumps, while the B3MBP/B3MB + TFDS/NBG combo combines the range of B3M alignment couplings with the safety/emergency brakes of the classic NBG series and TFDS. The HF + KSD /KRU products (hydrodynamic couplings with clutch) assembly allows the synergy between the soft and shock-free power transmission of the hydraulic coupling and the possibility of disengagement given by the remote-control clutch. Finally, the PF power take-off can be combined with the KRU or KSDF series hydrodynamic couplings to transmit power from endothermic engines with SAE interface, thus ensuring maximum absorption of vibrations and excellent performance even in the most severe conditions.


MULTI PUMP DRIVE WITH TRANSMISSION The MPD + RANGERMATIC OR REVERMATIC combo provides a powershift transmission with a powerful multi-pump drive. In one compact and clean solution, it is possible [...]


FLUID COUPLING WITH REMOTE CONTROL CLUTCH Clutch and soft transmission at one time. The best of Transfluid’s technology and experience for fluid couplings with a clutch. With the HF + KSD or KRU [...]