Transfluid offers a wide range of hydraulically and pneumatically operated clutches and power take-offs (PTO). Our hydraulically operated clutches have multiple discs and are made of sintered material, whose locking is ensured by a hydraulic cylinder incorporated in the clutch and operated by pressurized oil. The benefits are numerous: no adjustment is necessary to compensate for the discs' wear, while transmitting a constant torque is possible throughout the discs' life and so is using smaller clutches and transmitting high torques. Our extraordinarily robust and reliable clutches are the result of a technological development consolidated by years of experience. They can satisfy the most diverse applications thanks to a complete range that includes transmissible torques up to 14000 Nm. These components are powered by compressed air to facilitate remote clutch control. They also allow the modulation of the engagement speed and the transmissible torque. Transfluid’s hydraulically/pneumatically operated power take-offs are clutches featuring an oil/air drive with remote operation and a self-regulation system that does not require any operator intervention. The exceptionally compact clutch design is unique. It guarantees high torque transmission, simplified maintenance and maximum ease of installation. Our mechanical power take-offs consist of a lever-actuated clutch with a shaft and bearings mounted in a rigid cast housing.


ENGAGEMENT TRANSFLUID has developed the HFO-HFR clutches to meet the growing market demand for power take-offs for high speed, high horsepower industrial engines, and remote-control operation. [...]


ENGAGEMENT The MFO mechanical power take-off consists of a lever-actuated clutch with a shaft and bearings mounted in a rigid cast housing. It is designed for in-line and sideload applications [...]


MULTIPLE COUPLER – TORQUE SHIELD – POWER SHIELD – COUPLING The SU unit is a self-standing power take-off featuring an input shaft with radial load capability and SAE4-10″, SAE3-11 [...]