Pump drives of the Stelladrive line by Transfluid are available in two different versions. MPD STELLADRIVE is an innovative module that fits between an engine and a transmission to drive multiple hydraulic pumps or any other suitable implement. The MPD mounts directly to the engine SAE housing and integrates an elastic coupling to dampen torsional vibrations and compensate for misalignments. SPD is a technologically innovative modular split power drive designed to be mounted on industrial engines with SAE flywheels and housings. The pump tower grants an easy installation because it can be mounted in 12 possible positions over 360 degrees to facilitate the adaptation to the most diverse technical requirements. The input is a rugged Rubber Block Drive flywheel coupling. This elastic coupling absorbs radial and angular misalignments as well as dampens torsional vibrations.

SU: Clutch & Power Take-Off

ENGAGEMENT – PUMP DRIVES The SU unit is a self-standing power take-off featuring an input shaft with radial load capability and SAE4-10″, SAE3-11 1/2nd”, SAE1-14″ standard output. Its [...]


SPLIT POWER DRIVE – TRANSFER CASE The MPD pump drive is an innovative module that fits between engine and transmission to drive a plurality of hydraulic pumps, withdrawing power directly [...]

SRBD: Pump Drives

SPLIT POWER DRIVE – TRANSFER CASE (Split Power Drive – Transfer Case) SRBD SINGLE PUMP DRIVE The Single pump drive is a whole that includes all the components to connect a Diesel engine to [...]