TowerClutch is the natural development of the comprehensive power transmission range by Transfluid, and meets the ever-increasing market demand for a disconnectable, compact dry clutch with high capacity hydraulic pump pads. The self-adjusting integrated HF clutch drastically reduces downtime and maintenance costs. The dry multi-plate clutch contained in the power take-off is rigidly connected to the splitter box and features an output shaft capable of transmitting torque either radially from a pulley or in line with a Cardan shaft or elastic coupling. TowerClutch is remotely controlled and uses oil or air pressure for engagement. Thanks to the robust splitter box, the torsional vibrations associated with modern high torque industrial engines are eliminated. In weighty applications, the optional Kevlar friction plate also prolongs the life of the system. TowerClutch is compatible with hydraulic pumps and a variety of accessories such as pulleys, cardan shafts, face-to-face clutches, and electric motors/generators.


MULTI PUMP DRIVE As natural development to TRANSFLUID’s power transmission product range, the TowerClutch power take-off fulfills a growing market demand for a disconnectable, compact dry clutch [...]