Transfluid offers a variety of industrial Power Shift transmissions for the most diverse applications. Revermatic is a Power Shift transmission specifically designed for industrial applications requiring quick directional reversing and smooth clutch engagement. The gear unit is activated hydraulically, the forward and reverse multiple disc clutch assemblies are mounted on the layshaft and input shaft, respectively. They are operated by the hydraulic selector, electrically actuated, with a patented built-in “soft shift” device. Rangermatic is a multi-speed power shift transmission available in one, two or three speeds forward and one or two speeds reverse. This Power Shift with torque converter is designed for industrial applications it provides quick and smooth reversing and easy gear selection on the go. It consists of a double gear train, actuated by self-contained hydraulic clutches, it connects to the engine through a wide range of hydrodynamic single-stage torque converters. Drop Box can be flange-mounted or remote-mounted to the previously illustrated models and, for maximum versatility, it can be rotated 360° to allow the outgoing flanges to be positioned in an optimal way. Finally, OPC is the obstacle proximity control system that can be combined with the Rangermatic and Revermatic Power Shift transmissions, implementing safety thanks to its advanced anti-collision functions.