Variable fill fluid couplings by Transfluid are designed for operation as starters or variable speed drives. The system consists of an external variable-flow feed pump (and/or a remote-controlled solenoid valve depending on the configuration) and calibrated orifices that, placed on the periphery of the working circuit, allow it to be emptied. The benefits guaranteed using our variable fill fluid couplings are considerable: from the no-load motor start to the smooth start-up, from shock and overload protection to torsional vibration dampening, up to high radial load capacity. The system also allows the control of the torque delivered during start-up and an accurate speed variation. Variable fill fluid couplings by Transfluid can be used in the most diverse applications: mills, crushers and chippers, agitators, centrifuges, fans, conveyor belts, compressors, volumetric and centrifugal pumps and more.