The REVERMATIC is a Power shuttle transmission specifically designed for industrial applications requiring quick directional reversing and smooth clutch engagement.

The powershift transmission consists of a hydraulically activated gear unit, the forward and reverse multiple disc clutch assembly are mounted on the layshaft and input shaft respectively . They are operated by the hydraulic selector, electrically actuated, with a patented built-in “soft shift” device.

The transmission input shaft is connected to the engine flywheel through a single-stage torque converter which is selected in accordance with the engine rating and required transmission vehicle performance, thanks to its characteristics, it eliminates the mechanical connection between the engine and driven machine allowing smooth power transfer.

The REVERMATIC  transmission inverter is also available for marine applications with an RBD elastic coupling instead of a torque converter on the input side.



MPCB Management system

The Management system MPCB is a device developed by TRANSFLUID, both in the hardware and software, to manage the solenoid valves and speed sensors to automate the gear shifting; it also plays the role of diagnostic for the whole TRANSFLUID transmission.

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