Transfluid SH-SHC oil actuated clutches are wet type, multiple sintered plate units designed to run in oil and actuated by oil pressure.

Advantages of Transfluid SH-SHC oil actuated clutches:

  • No adjustment is required to compensate for the wear of the discs, as the piston can advance automatically as a function of wear.
  • Ability of transmitting a constant torque throughout the life of the discs, as no periodic adjustment is necessary.
  • Due to the constancy of the transmitted torque, a smaller clutch can often be used; furthermore, since no openings or passages are required for adjustment, the clutches can be mounted with considerable compactness, with a consequent reduction in the machine dimensions.
  • Possibility of transmitting higher torques, especially in larger clutches, as the locking effort does not depend on manual operation.
  • Thanks to the built-in hydraulic cylinder, the SH-SHC hydraulically operated clutches can be easily remotely controlled. Thus, it is indeed no longer necessary to provide complicated systems of levers and transmissions. Moreover, if hydraulic distributors with solenoid valves are used, they can easily be inserted in the semi-automatic or fully automatic working cycles of modern electrically controlled machines.
  • Disc burn failures are eliminated. In fact, the hydraulic control does not allow slippage of the discs, which is due to imperfect adjustment in mechanical clutches.
  • The life of the discs is much longer; this is very important in machine tools where a stop for repairs can compromise other operations in the production line.

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