Transfluid supplied the first Parallel- Hybrid System to Italian company specializing in the design and construction of railway vehicles, for the operation of their wagons used for maintenance in tunnels, where internal combustion engines are now less and less accepted.

The Transfluid System is a “plug & play” supply, which includes both the mechanical and electrical parts, including signal and power cables. The Parallel- Hybrid allows operation in pure electric mode when it is necessary and in Diesel mode where it is permitted.

The complete supply has the advantage of a single supplier, a single warranty, a commissioning carried out by a single company and the assistance and spare parts by a single source. This type of product allows any machinery manufacturer to create its own Hybrid or Full Electric (Transfluid also supplies full electric solutions), in a very short time.

The technical offices of our customers will therefore be engaged exclusively in the installation of the system and not in its design.