Relevant News in the World of Electric and Hybrid Boating: International Recognitions for Transfluid

In the increasingly advanced panorama of sustainable boating, two very important pieces of news emerge which underline the advancement of electric and hybrid propulsion technologies. 2022 and 2024 saw two prestigious awards awarded to innovative projects that have revolutionized the way we understand navigation.

Dubai Award for Best Electric Boat of 2022: An Italian Triumph

In 2022, the prestigious Dubai award for the best electric boat in the world was awarded to Pietro Tosi, an Italian pioneer of sustainable boating. His boat, equipped with the Transfluid electric propulsion system, has won recognition thanks to its excellent performance, energy efficiency and innovative design. The Transfluid system, known for its reliability and innovation, has allowed Tosi’s boat to stand out in an increasingly competitive market. This award highlights not only Pietro Tosi’s talent, but also Italian technological excellence in the field of electric propulsion.

Best Hybrid Boat Award at the 11th International E-Mobility Expo Korea 2024

The hybrid boat industry saw another major success in 2024. During the 11th International E-Mobility Expo in Korea, distributor Mastervolt Korea took the award for best hybrid boat with a hybrid patrol vessel equipped with the Transfluid hybrid system. This recognition highlights the importance of international collaboration in the field of sustainable mobility. The hybrid patrol vessel, used for patrol and security tasks, combines the power of the electric motor with the reliability of the combustion engine, offering an efficient and versatile solution for maritime operations.

Innovation and Sustainability: the Future of Nautical

These international awards are not only a tribute to the quality of Transfluid products, but also a clear signal of the future of boating. The adoption of electric and hybrid propulsion systems represents a significant turning point towards more sustainable navigation, reducing environmental impact and improving operational efficiency.

Pietro Tosi and Mastervolt Korea, with the support of Transfluid technologies, are paving the way for a new paradigm in the nautical world, demonstrating that it is possible to combine innovation, performance and respect for the environment. These international victories are set to inspire further developments and promote the adoption of sustainable technologies in the maritime sector, contributing to a greener and cleaner future for all.