Transfluid-Bellmarine hybrid and electric systems at the 2021 Venice Boat Show

Transfluid presents its new model of EM375 electric permanent magnet motor with 260kW (350hp) – 2500 rpm, water cooled, in the second edition of the Venice Boat Show 2021. It’s suitable for work boats and passenger transport.
Some of the applications of Transfluid’s hybrid and electric systems are exhibited at the Salone as:

  • Ferretti’s hybrid patrol boat supplied with the Carabinieri weapon, which is equipped with the HM3350-75W hybrid system;
  • the taxi of the Municipality of Venice with hybrid propulsion HM560-12W which was driven by the former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte;
  • Pietro Tosi’s Cargo 31 fitted with a Bellmarine TorqueMaster 35W electrical system;

in addition to the two Transfluid demonstration boats available to the public that allow you to experience the thrill of new eco-sustainable technologies, one pure electric and one hybrid.