Variable Speed Drive for Metal Shredder

Transfluid is proud to announce a new milestone in our variable fill power transmission applications.

In December we delivered one D46KSL, a variable fill fluid coupling, to one of the biggest industrial Companies in Czeck Republic, to be used in a large metal shredder application located in Vysoké Myto. The machine will be commissioned within the first quarter of 2021.

This job is particularly interesting for several reasons. Because of the huge torque to be transmitted, we released the biggest variable speed fluid coupling in our range ever produced, introducing the D46KSL.

D46KSL– RATING: 3500 kW@1000 rpm or 4000 kW@1200 rpm

The duty of the fluid coupling, besides starting and driving the metal shredder, is hydrodynamic braking of the driven machine. This is obtained by stopping the FC input side with two traditional negative brakes, and filling the KSL circuit to gradually brake the shredder from full speed to 200rpm. Below this speed the hydrodynamic effect is very limited, so a negative brake applied to FC output will complete the braking process to zero rpm. The goal is to stop the shredder within 5 minutes.