Fluid Couplings

Fluid couplings, Variable speed drives, Brakes, Clutches, Power shift Transmissions, Elastic Couplings, Electric Machines and Hybrid Systems

for years these products have been the backbone of our company, thanks to the support of our technical department where engineers, draftsmen and qualified designers are at the disposal of our customers to give quick solutions to all application problems. This is why we have developed innovative solutions that have won awards and prizes at international level.

Costant fill fluid couplings

Transfluid S.p.A. hydraulic couplings are designed to ensure security and optimization of the performance of your industrial machines.
Ensuring the progressive start of the machine, they allow gentle rotation of the machine subject to high inertia, thus avoiding the risk of breakage and overheating.
The coupler will also act as a fuse in the event of a sudden stop or blockage of the machine, this guaranteeing its safety. Equipped with a release cap and/or a percussion cap, the coupling can release its oil or stop the engine, this preventing any potential risk.
Aware of the technical nature of the systems, Transfluid has designed a reliable solution guaranteeing the proper functioning of your industrial machines.

Interchangeable hydraulic couplings: what are the advantages? The strength of Transfluid S.p.A  hydraulic couplings lies in their great flexibility in terms of assembly and input-output interfaces, allowing them to adapt to the needs of various industrial machines. Each coupling can be equipped: 

➡️ Either a female shaft or a solid shaft

➡️ Pulley, elastic coupling, disc coupling, flange for cardan shaft.

They can be configured with and without a delay chamber and are prepared to receive disc or drum brakes depending on requirements.