Transfluid products are increasingly finding applications on truck mounted and compact road sweepers. Benefiting from the long-term relationship with a leading worldwide manufacturer has allowed Transfluid to develop and expand its business with a number of important global players.
Thanks to the unsurpassed performance provided by the SKF fluid coupling an important road sweeper manufacturer recently adopted similar solutions for machines manufactured in several different production sites in Europe and South Korea. The fluid couplings, size 13 and 15, are installed on auxiliary engines that are dedicated to the sweeper’s operation. It is an essential power transmission product that replaces a traditional clutching system that operates a fan that vacuums bulky debris through a large hose. The compact dimensions and robust bearing arrangement of the KFBD and SKFE allow the installation of the fan directly on fluid coupling output shaft. Additionally, Rubber Block Drives are installed on hydrostatic models to connect the main hydraulic pump to different propulsion engines.
The addition of this new customer has been a benefit to business by increasing the yearly sweeper turnover to over 800 units of 13SKF fluid coupling and 250 units of the 10SS Rubber Block Drive. In May, at the IFAT show in Munich, most sweeper manufacturer entered the green market by displaying Zero Emission (full electric) and Hybrid prototypes designs. Consequently, Transfluid will remain a “main character” with a dedicated range of plug & play electric and hybrid modules suitable for sweeper applications.