Transfluid Distributors Meeting 2024

Transfluid Distributor Meeting 2024: A Week of Updates and Global Collaboration

The Transfluid Distributor Meeting 2024 has just concluded, an event that brought together distributors of electric and hybrid products from all over the world. The latter took part in intense days of training, updates and collaboration sessions, which provided a unique opportunity for exchanging knowledge and building relationships in an ever-evolving sector.

With participants from Korea, India, United Kingdom, Brazil, Spain, Norway, Greece, Poland, Hong kong, Croatia, Chile, Finland, Brazil,Bulgaria, Taiwan and Austria, the event proved to be a true crossroads of cultures, experiences and perspectives in the world of technology and distribution. The diversity of participants enriched the discussions and helped provide a comprehensive overview of the challenges and opportunities facing the sector.

The event agenda ranged from technical training sessions to presentations on the latest innovations in the electric and hybrid vehicle sector. One of the key elements was the collaboration between the participants, who shared experiences and practices to address the specific challenges of their respective markets. Furthermore, the meeting offered a platform for the presentation of strategic partnerships and synergies between distributors.

One of the main conclusions of the meeting was the importance of continued innovation and adaptation in the electric and hybrid vehicle sector. At the end of the event, participants pledged to continue collaborating and innovating to lead the industry a sustainable and prosperous future