Giunti idraulici a velocità variabile per centrali elettriche

To further affirm the growing presence of its variable speed fluid couplings in the Power Generation business, Transfluid has recently received an order for two additional 29KSL fluid couplings by EPC contractor Vitkovice Gearworks. This is part of a supply for the Power plant in Czech Republic, a total of 26 units.

This Power Station is the largest coal-fired power station in the Czech Republic with an installed capacity of 1,490 MW. It is located near Kadaò and consists of 5 x 210 MW units.

In 2010 the owner of the plant, started a project for modernization of unit number 2, which led to the initial acquisition of special 29KSL Transfluid variable speed fluid couplings to drive coal mills, powered by 750kW/1500rpm electric motors. The 29KSL units feature a lowered housing and input and output super elastic couplings to withstand the sharp acceleration torque of the electric motors.

All 24 units have been in operation since 2011 without any problem, and in 2016 Transfluid delivered two more units to be stored as spare parts.