10 years since our first Hybrid propulsion

10 years ago, Transfluid installed the first hybrid on the first vessel, ten years later it boasts a wide range of applications around the world.

Transfluid, established in 1957, a pioneering reality in hybrid innovation, marks a significant milestone this year: the 10th anniversary of its first Hybrid System installation on a vessel. This anniversary means a decade of achievements and excellent results in sustainable maritime propulsion.

The Transfluid range of products offers complete and adaptable solutions, Systems that are rigorously tested, certified and actually mass-produced. These Systems represent a real milestone in the marine world, offering an eco-friendly and efficient alternative to conventional propulsion methods.

The reliability and adaptability of Transfluid’s Hybrid Systems find applications across various vessels, from taxi boats to pilot boats, patrol vessels, passenger ships, etc. This success underscores the systemsflexibility in meeting the demands of both leisure and professional navigation.

With a decade of Hybrid and Electric innovations, Transfluid continues to lead the challenge towards a greener World.