Marine Electrical Retrofit

In the recent years there has been more and more talk of the transition from diesel to renewable energy such as that electricity and in this Transfluid together with Bellmarine have already moved forward by proposing a wide range of electrical systems that are well suited to the refit of different types of boats.
For example, if we take a 25-foot boat, it is possible to mount a 15kW water-cooled electric motor with a weight of 88kg, 25% of traditional Diesel weight. It is about 10% of the diesel size and generates 1% of the noise and  vibration. Associated  with a battery driving the motor is rated at 48V and it is possible to run the existings systems (nav lights, cabin lights, phone charger, water pumps, refrigerator and more).
The advantages of electrification include reliability; electric motor are even more reliable than Diesel, because they have so few moving parts.
Last but not least, the electric motor is much, much quitter and close to vibration-free, its emission zero and the motors is about a tenth of the Diesel size.