Hybrid and Electric Propulsion Systems for industrial or railway vehicles

Transfluid is specializes in the production and design of large, medium and small power transmissions. Thanks to our skills and experience, today Transfluid has been able to create what are the products of the future, namely parallel hybrid transmissions and pure electric transmissions. We have started production of our permanent magnet motors, which complete the hybrid product and the pure electric product in the most complete way.

Our hybrid and electric systems ensure maximum environmental friendliness in terms of both emissions and noise.

All Transfluid hybrid and electric systems can be applied to industrial and railway vehicles, special applications such as airports or railway tunnel work, passenger transport and any other special vehicle. The stringent tests that our systems, including the batteries, have passed, guarantee safety and reliability in these difficult applications. In these areas of application, respect for the environment, energy saving and silence are guaranteed thanks to these innovative, modern and highly efficient systems.

Transfluid’s hybrid and electric propulsion systems have different modes of operation: pure diesel, pure electric, a booster function where electric and diesel power are added together, and battery charging in diesel mode. A very important feature is the recovery of kinetic energy when slowing down and braking. This gives an increased range and therefore allows application to a wide variety of industrial, rail and passenger transport vehicles.