INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY FOR variable speed drives

Jet Recovery Power (JRP)

Our Technical Department works hard to improve our products. Recently, we have developed a solution that increases the performance of both our KSL and KPT fluid couplings.

In the power transmission business, and more generally in any high-tech industrial market, what sets apart a leader from the followers is the capability of a company to develop new solutions and to think “outside the box”. In this regard, Transfluid is a true leader. We have been innovating the market for six decades with ground-breaking solutions applied to state of the art products spanning in several power transmission markets, including the conservative world of hydrodynamic variable speed drives. In the late 80s, Transfluid caused quite a stir with the Flow Control Concept, a revolutionary speed controlling system that proved to be competitive, reliable and efficient in a market otherwise dominated by the scoop tube concept. More recently, Transfluid has introduced new, high technological features to the KSL variable speed drive line, consisting in a revolutionary CAN bus based control panel and instruments. Now, after several months of research and a thorough testing process, Transfluid has announced a new, exciting feature that will be added to the Flow Control System, i.e the Jet Recovery Power system. This simple, yet smart, device increases the efficiency of fluid couplings and limits the sound pressure. By studying oil flowing through drain orifices, Transfluid engineers, have designed an innovative device, which transforms an additional part of the internal oil pressure generated by centrifugal force into torque instead of heat losses. This device, which redirects the orifice flow in a more efficient way, also reduces the overall fluid coupling noise dramatically. The test bench results for the test unit are stunning:

  • Fixed losses reduction at 1800rpm: 25%
  • Noise reduction at 1800 rpm: 5 dB(A)

The Jet Recovery Power system will be installed on all new KSL and KPTB fluid couplings, with great benefit for all our customers, who can now count on more efficient and silent units and other users.