Variable fill fluid couplings for power plants in Russia

Transfluid is proud to announce a new important success in the Power Plant business. The project involves the delivery of four 21KSL-HS fluid couplings for start up and speed variation of boiler feed pumps.

The end user is the new 465MW  Power Plant located in the Taman peninsula, in the Russian territory. This base load plant will run on natural gas as main fuel, and oil as secondary fuel.

These high speed units, driven by 1600kW@2973rpm electric motors, will variate the speed of four boiler feed pumps absorbing 1242 kW. The variable fill fluid couplings are equipped with an auxiliary lubrication system for the main motors and BFP bearings, including two separate complete oil circuits with pumps, plates heat exchangers, valves and instruments for maximum performance and reliability.

The commissioning of the Power Plant is due by the end of the summer.